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Why is the Price of Silver Falling?

To put simply, Americans and the rest of the world have a very short memory. The market makers on wall street are after the same thing they were a few years ago before the crash; quick money. The way they do this is buy and selling large quantities of stocks, bonds, commodities for short term purposes. Effectively, they have no long term strategy, its one big get rich quick scheme based on interest, inflation and fake money. But at the same time since wall street is leaning toward a bull market they liquidate all their safe assets and turn them dollars which they can then exchange for stocks and bonds. Thus, the supply of silver is increased and the demand lowered, driving down the price. Do not be fooled the price of silver and other commodities does not reflect their true value. If you bought into silver for safety and long term financial game, do not let wall street set a dollar amount on the value of your silver. Its value is inherent, which is what fiat money lacks.

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Why is the Price of Silver Falling?

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