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Uses of Silver in Medicine and Infection-Control Products Increases Exponentially

The antimicrobial properties of silver, its high efficiency and the inability of microbes to build resistance against it has endeared silver to its growing use in medicine and health related products according to a recent report released by The Silver Institute.

It is expected that the use of silver in medicine and hygiene is expected to increase steadily beyond the 6 million ounces mark by year 2015 as against the value of one million ounces as at 2010 which represent an increase of fivefold when compared to the figure recorded for 2010 according to a statement credited to the Executive Director of The Silver Institute, Michael DiReienzo.

Silver is being deployed in many ways which includes air purifying sprays, hygiene, socks, hair dryers, counter tops, paints, bed rails, door handles, lacquers, hospital gowns and sportswear according to the Executive Director, Mr DiReienzo who also added that silver is being considered by the medical and hygiene professionals as the panacea for stopping microbes like bacteria and prevent critical infections.

Various ways silver is used and the different components or silver containing items like operating gowns, covers for mattresses, bed linens, and wound-dressing products were on display in June in Baltimore, Maryland at the annual conference of the Association of Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC).

Silver has been uniquely known to be effective as an anti-microbial for a long time but its applications in curtailing hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) were only extensively embraced about five years ago when hospitals were compelled by inputs from legislative provisions due to the efforts of the Center for Disease Control for the prevention of HAIs. Silver has been found to be very effective when deployed in infection-control products.


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Uses of Silver in Medicine and Infection-Control Products Increases Exponentially

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