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US Sea Explorers Discovers First World War Ship Full of Silver

A US treasure-hunting company, Odyssey Marine Exploration, has announced its discovery of the wreckage of SS Mantola, a British ship ruined on February 9, 1917 during the First World War by a German submarine and laden with about 640,000 ounces (20tonnes) of silver valued at about $210 million as at today’s market rate.

SS Mantola was found at the sea bed of the North Atlantic Ocean at a depth of about 2,500 meters and at a location which was said to be about 143 miles off the southern coast of Ireland.  SS Mantola was said to be heading to Calcutta from London when it was torpedoed by the German submarine U-81 with the loss of the lives of seven people. An insurance claim of about £110,000 was said to have been paid for the silver cargo that was on board the ill-fated ship by the British Ministry in charge of War Transportation according to the US treasure-hunting company.

The Florida based Odyssey Marine Exploration said it found the wrecked SS Mantola at about 160km (100miles) away from another ruined ship, SS Gairsoppa, which it earlier discovered about a month ago. Gairsoppa was said to have sank in the North Atlantic in 1941 with about 7million ounces of silver among its cargoes.

The US based firm’s reward is said to be 80 per cent of whatever recovered from the wrecked ship according to an agreement it said to have reached with the British government about the exploration.

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US Sea Explorers Discovers First World War Ship Full of Silver

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