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Sprott Asset Management LP Sets to Invest $32 Million in Silver Purchases

Sprott Asset Management LP is bullish in its silver outlook and it’s therefore set to invest $32 million in another round of silver purchases according to the news report that hits the airwaves recently. Though gold has outpaced silver in setting new price records lately while silver only remains at a price range of between $39 to $42 per ounce during the new price exploits recently set by gold yet Sprott is bullish about the price of silver with their intention to buy the metal worth $32 million.

The manner in which the price of silver spikes up and down in recent months has probably made many new silver investors change their mind about investing in the volatile shinning metal but such steps is rather ill-advised because silver may soon be set to get over its price setback witnessed from the beginning of May.

As a Canadian fund company committed to helping its investors achieve superior returns on their investments, Sprott Asset Management LP is on the verge of selling additional 2 million shares in its physical silver trust which guarantees $32 million in cash for the purchase of physical silver worth that amount according to a report made available to King World News by Eric Sprott.

Some silver analysts have advised wise silver investors with discerning minds to realize the positive effect of buying about 800,000 ounces of silver that will apparently be purchased with $32 million by Sprott Asset Management LP. A squeeze on the silver market could drive the price of silver upwards to new highs which could make silver attain a price level of $50 or more in a record time. This is a possibility which if it happens is capable of igniting an upward bull market for silver for a time to come.


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Sprott Asset Management LP Sets to Invest $32 Million in Silver Purchases

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