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Spot Price Of Silver

Purchasing Silver by Spot Price

Knowing the current market price

After the economic crisis, many investors nowadays prefer to put their money in precious metals such as gold and silver and the value of these assets is increasing day by day.  In order to know when to sell or buy silver either in the form of bullion which can be either bars or coins, one has to be aware of the price, on a day-to-day basis.  This will help the investor to strike when the iron is hot.  You can know what are called the spot price of silver by visiting authentic websites and looking at the current price of the precious metal.

The spot price of silver is just the current delivery price of the metal in the spot market.  It is just the price quoted in the market and the settlement is usually made within a day or two.  The spot price of silver can also be known just by registering at some websites and they offer to send you the notification on a daily basis to your email id.  This will be very useful to investors as they can make comparisons of the prices over the week and even notice any trends, in order to make profitable investment decisions.

Investing in silver bars

Apart from knowing the spot price of silver, they can even avail of articles and commentary related with the purchase and sale.  Once a decision has been made based on this, you can choose to invest either in silver bars or in silver coins.  Silver bars are usually available in 10 oz or 100 oz.  They are compact, uniform in size and can be stored with comparative ease.   Here, refined silver bullion is poured into the 1000 oz bars which are the standard form for delivery.  But this may not exactly weigh 1000 oz and most of them actually weigh 960 oz and 1030 oz.  After these are poured, all the details such as their hallmarks, the weights and the serial numbers are stamped on to them.

Buying Silver coins

After ascertaining the spot price of silver, you can also purchase pre-65 90% silver coins which are also called junk silver coins.  They are called thus as they don’t have any collector value.  A bag of 1000$ will yield about 715 ounces of pure silver after refining.  A bag of dimes may yield a little less because of wear and tear.  A bag of half dollars will be worth a little more as half dollars did not circulate as much as dimes and quarters.  Half dollars will therefore have a higher content of silver in it and will naturally cost more as they are more popular.

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Spot Price Of Silver

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