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Silver Standard President/CEO Predicts a Bounce Back for Silver Citing Fundamentals

While citing the existence of strong fundamentals to buttress his point, the Chief Executive Officer and President of Canada based Standard Silver Resources, John Smith, has assured silver investors that the shinning metal will surely bounce back from the heavy losses it has recorded in the past few weeks. Smith observed that the fundamentals which influenced the upward swing in the price of silver a couple of months ago almost up to the historic price of $50 are still evident saying that the present price losses silver has been recording represent an inevitable corrective phase which the precious metal was bound to experience.

According to Smith, silver is drawing a bit of its breath right now after an aggressive run-up in its price as witnessed a couple of months ago. Smith was confident that the industrial uses of silver were capable of influencing its price gain in the long run apart from its investment value meant to create a hedge against inflation. Silver is an important component in the production of computers and computer related hardware because of its high conductivity and there are many other industrial uses of silver like in the production of television screens, radio frequency antennas and circuit boards used in cell phones and computers which Smith felt should serve as upside factor for its price gain.

Silver Standard Resources Incorporated is a primary silver company involved with the exploration and production of silver in Argentina, Peru, Mexico, Canada, Chile, Australia and the US. The shares of Silver Standard Inc. are traded under the symbol SSO on the Toronto Stock Exchange and as SSRI on the Nasdaq Global Stock Market.

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Silver Standard President/CEO Predicts a Bounce Back for Silver Citing Fundamentals

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