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Silver Price Per Ounce

How and When to Buy Silver

Knowing the price of silver

Investors in precious metals such as gold and silver must know the current price of the precious metal. This is called the spot price of the precious metal and it keeps on fluctuating on a day to day basis.  In order to make a purchase or a sale one has to be aware of the silver price per ounce on that day, along with any premiums on the different types of silver such as bullion, bars rounds or coins.  You can avail of these prices at various standard websites either in the form of silver price per ounce, per gram, per pound or per kilogram.  Further you can also know the price per ounce in any currency of your choice in order to be able to make assessments and calculations more easily.  You get the silver price per ounce in Australian dollars, Canadian Dollars, Swiss Francs, Japanese Yen or in pounds.

Buying Silver or Gold

If you are investor and want to accumulate silver for selling purposes later on, you must find out the price of silver per ounce before making a purchase.  Many people tend to invest in gold as it is an excellent asset, but silver has some additional advantages as the silver price per ounce is definitely less than gold.  Hence it is easier to buy and sell quickly.  One must buy different types of silver to have a varied portfolio, such as bars, biscuits, silver coins of different kinds or even 10 and 100 ounce bars.  By having an assortment, it is easier to sell the right quantity in case you need to raise a specific amount of money at short notice.

Gold is quite expensive and selling one ounce of gold may get you more liquidity than you sought, whereas you can sell a few ounces of silver and get just the right amount that you need. Always buy silver from an authorized mint or a broker and in case of purchase of silver coins you must additionally ask for a certificate of authenticity.

Best time to buy Silver

The best time is always immediately, as the silver price per ounce is quite attractive these days and the cost will average out anyway with the frequent ups and downs.  It is better to buy in larger amounts rather than spread the purchase over many weeks or months.  This will reduce the dealer or broker costs along with any shipping costs.  It will also bring you closer to the current silver price per ounce.  These can be known by seeing the charts on top of many websites.

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Silver Price Per Ounce

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