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Silver Price Per Gram

One troy ounce of silver is 31.10348 grams. So the approximate price of silver per gram can be calculated as follows.

(price of silver per gram) = (price of silver per troy ounce) / 31.10348

Eg: If silver is $20 USD per ounce

(price of silver per gram) = $20 USD / 31.10348

(price of silver per gram) = $0.643 USD

Use the chart on the top right to perform the calculation yourself.

Top tips for Silver Investment

Silver investing is a sure-fire way of making great money in the future, as the supply seems to be fast depleting along with a growing demand for its various industrial and medicinal applications.  The silver price per gram is a clear indication of the above fact.  However, just like in any other investment, you must know more about the market in order to derive all the advantages of investing.

Investing in silver is quite different from that of stocks and bonds.  One has to keep a watch on the spot silver price per gram as this keeps fluctuating on a daily basis.  Selling or buying has to be done at the appropriate time.  Also keep in touch with a professional to know how this investing works.  Much of the information that you read may actually be only misinformation.

Investment choices

You must also be familiar with all the different types of silver that you can invest in.  You can invest in silver mining companies, silver futures, silver bullions, coins, or silver ETFs.  Investing in bullions and coins is the least worrisome and the best way for the beginner.  In the case of investing in silver mining companies, you will have to pay for the mining company’s energy costs in addition to the silver price per gram.  You may be forced to buy 1000 to 5000 ounces in case of a futures contract.  All these are too risky, especially if you are just beginning your investment.

Things to remember while buying coins or bars

You can choose to invest in silver bars and coins and in this case you must look for sellers who are selling as close as possible to the spot silver price per gram.  A premium above the spot silver price per gram always exists.  But this premium varies according to the purity of the coin.  Additionally, it is also a well known fact, that if you buy more silver, the percentage of fees or premium or markup price that you will have to pay in addition to the silver price per gram is less.   Another point to remember is that as an investor you should not be buying numismatic coins as these may have a higher premium above the silver price per gram.  This is due to their rarity and proved value only to a collector of rare coins.

Studying the silver market

Always be aware of the trends in the silver market, in the sense that you should be aware of the right time to sell and for this you must always keep an eye on the current silver price per gram.  You should update yourself with all the market investing information.

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Silver Price Per Gram

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