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Silver Outshines Gold Again as an Investment Window

If you read the news headlines about the price of gold heading north of $1,675, you will be pardoned if you believe that gold has become the star performer of all precious metals in recent times. However, if you take a look at the price indexes of silver and gold comparatively, would you agree that silver is the better performer when compared to gold in price increases in recent times?

Do the math, compare the price of silver at $42 an ounce up from $34 and you will have a 19 per cent price gain out of just an $8 price increase but gold at $1,675 an ounce up from $1,480 will give you an 11 per cent price increase for an actual price increase of $195. The shiniest metal, silver, therefore takes the stage as the winner.

Could silver ever outshine gold?

Since silver is a very volatile commodity, trying to make perfect market predictions would be like getting it wrong as much times as you get it right. However, market analysts like the ArabianMoney have monitored the trends of silver price performances over many years and they have considered silver to have the capacity to outshine. They made a unique analysis last December about silver reaching $50 mark early in the year 2011 and it happened before the massive downward corrections started late April but their warnings that silver might decline in summer of last year didn’t happen as predicted. So, if you had kept to their predictions of a decline and you have sold your positions, you would have lost the most silver rally in more than two decades.

Any brighter outlook for silver before 2011 runs out?

The ArabianMoney analysts strongly believe that silver will rally the remaining part of 2011 back above $50 and it may even go north of $60 an ounce. Well, you may take your confidence from the present scenario where the world’s central banks are rushing to the markets to buy silver as a hedge against inflation that the prices of silver will increase beyond the expectations of many before 2011 runs out.




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Silver Outshines Gold Again as an Investment Window

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