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Silver Holds the Ace among Precious Metals

Silver is in many ways to be preferred to other precious metals as an investment concern as the facts presents themselves today. Silver is a bit scarce when compared to gold and other precious metals while its demand is high and it is presently the least expensive when compared to other precious metals.

Silver is usually mined directly; it is also mined as a by-product of other metals like gold, lead, zinc and copper. Also, silver is extracted as a by-product of recycling of photographic materials. Silver bullions are mainly produced in Mexico, Australia, Chile, the US, and Peru and silver bullion stocks are a significant part of silver market supply presently.

Silver is the most volatile metal in terms of price, the market prices of silver fluctuates rather quickly and as its price goes up so rapidly, so its price also nosedives so quickly. Used and demanded mostly for industrial purposes, jewellery and silverware production, and in photography, silver has a good market demand yet it has been trading at a price much lower than gold and at a price ratio not found in history.

The demand for silver will always remain high and steady even if the demand for other precious metals plummets because it uses in superconductivity, imaging, electronics, coinage production, jewellery, and water purification will ever be relevant.



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Silver Holds the Ace among Precious Metals

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