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Silver Coin Prices

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Silver coin prices can be easily availed by browsing through the various websites devoted to this market.  You can get live market updates and spot prices of the various coins in terms of the dollar or any other currency.  Various types of coins are available and it would be a good idea to check out the prices before making a purchase.

Prices of common silver coins

The common silver coins such as the American Silver Eagle and the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf are usually quite steady.  But there are some early, rare silver coins which are a collector’s delight, and the silver coin prices in this case might be more than the value of the silver content in the coin.  Most of the silver coins are produced in private and government mints and they have a purity of 99.9 percent silver.  There are also some overseas mints which sell the silver coins directly to people.  The Australian Perth Mint is one of these kinds of mints.  But one can purchase silver coins from the US Mint only through their authorized dealers.

Most of the silver coins are available as one troy ounce silver and they have a fixed face value.  The value and silver coin prices, however, will be determined by the silver content in it as well as the rarity factor.  For instance, the American Silver Eagle is a pure silver coin with a weight of one ounce.  It has a face value of one dollar stamped on it, but the silver coin prices of these coins are more due to additional premiums and shipping costs.  The premium could even go as high as twenty dollars for one coin.

Types of Silver Coins

The various types of silver coins in the market are three cent silvers, mercury dimes, seated half dimes, early quarters, twenty cents, Barber quarters, Early halves, Liberty Seated Half dollars, Walking Liberty Half Dollars, Franklin & Kennedy Half Dollars, Morgan Dollars, Eisenhower, Susan B.Anthony & Sacagawea Dollars, Statehood Quarters and so many others. Various silver coins are also produced by other countries such as Austria, South Africa, Australia, the UK and several other countries.  Among collectors, the Silver Eagle coins

Difference between coin value and silver coin prices

The value of the silver coins can be quite different from the silver coin prices.  The silver coin prices are set according to its rarity and demand and also with respect to the supply available in the market at that time.  Dealers need to make a profit to stay in the business and therefore place premiums on the silver coin prices when they sell it.

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Silver Coin Prices

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