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Prices Of Silver

Silver Investment in Bullion and Coins

Looking at the recent prices of silver, it makes sense to invest in silver as there are many predictions by various experts that there is bound to be a silver boom in the near future.  There are various ways in which one can make these investments.  Silver is available in coins, rounds, and in bars.  They may vary in their purity and due to this the prices of silver is also not the same for all types of silver sold in the market.  Some may command a premium or a markup price above the spot prices of silver that is currently prevailing in the market.

Investing in silver bullion and coins

You can invest in silver bullion such as the RCM Canadian Silver Bars, Canadian Silver Maple Leafs, 100 o silver bars or the 10 oz silver bars.  Additional bullion products are available as 1000 o silver bars, 50 oz, 25 oz and 5 oz bars and 100 oz silver bars.  One may also buy US Silver coins which are available as American Silver Eagles, Junk Silver Coins, Walking Liberty Half Dollars, Franklin Half Dollars, Mercury Dimes, 1964 Kennedy Half Dollars and 1 oz silver rounds.  The premium above the current prices of silver is different for each type.

Silver Rounds

These are a very popular form of silver investment they are just one ounce each and have a purity of .999 fine silver.  They can be easily used as survival coins and be sold in case of a distress situation.  There are Buffalo silver rounds and 1 oz silver rounds produced by Sunshine Minting which show an eagle flying through the sun.  These are called Sunshine Silver Eagles. This is quite different from the Silver Eagles which are $1 legal tender minted by the US Mint.  Other silver rounds include the Silver Maple Leafs which is also known as Canadian silver coins.  The above two usually have comparable prices of silver but occasionally the Silver Maple Leafs may have a higher premium above the prices of silver.

Generic silver rounds

There are also the generic silver rounds which don’t have the hallmark or name and they have different designs and are available loose in a bag.  The pre 65 US 90% silver coins are examples of this kind of coins.  They are also packaged in tubes occasionally. These silver rounds have smaller premiums above the prices of silver than the Sunshine silver rounds.  Hence they are quite popular.  You can even buy pre 1965 junk silver coins in a bag.

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Prices Of Silver

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