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Price Of Silver Per Pound

How To Calculate The Price Of Silver Per Pound

1 pound = 14.5833333 troy ounces

So silver per pound is the current price of silver per troy ounce multiplied by 14.583.

(Silver Per Pound) = (Price Of Silver Per Troy Ounce) * 14.583

Eg: Price of silver = $20

(Silver Per Pound) = $20 * 14.583

(Silver Per Pound) = $291.66

Use the silver price chart on the top right to do the calculation.

How to buy Silver?

You can buy silver as an investment to protect yourself against inflation, what is known as hedging against inflation, as a form of survival or even just as a hobby.  Whatever is the purpose of your purchase, for any kind of buying and selling you must always be aware of the current price of silver or the spot price of silver.  This keeps on fluctuating from day to day for all precious metals.  Silver can be bought in rounds, bars and coins.  You can buy it by the gram, the ounce or the pound.  To know the price of silver per pound, you can visit various websites and even register at these, in order to get regular or daily notifications by email regarding the price details and any other relevant information in the form of articles.  This will enable you to make informed and wise investments. One can know the price of silver per pound, per gram, per kilogram or per ounce.

Silver as an asset

The price of silver per pound was at its peak during the 80s and then it dropped heavily over the next years.  Now, experts are predicting a big come back for this metal.  There is a short supply of this precious metal in the market today and this shortage is felt worldwide.  Silver has unique properties and can be therefore put to a lot of industrial uses in electronics and medicines.  This demand combined with the shortage in supply makes it a very viable precious metal for investing purposes. The demand for silver is now outstripping the supply all over the world.

Different types of silver available

The price of silver per pound will also depend on what type of silver you would like to invest in.  You can go in for coins, silver rounds, dollars, maples, silver bars, and biscuits.  Some of them have a premium on them and this may increase the price of silver per pound.  The best silver that you can buy would be silver bullion at spot price.  It is better to go in for larger bars and go in for something that is closer to the spot price or the current price of silver per pound, to make the maximum out of your investment. Some dealers also agree to deal with the storage part so that you don’t have to worry about transport and security issues, but these need to be checked out thoroughly.

Making a wise decision

Today, the economy is faltering everywhere and the dollar too seems to be decreasing in value.  This is just the right time to be investing in such precious metals by buying silver bullion and saving it for a rainy day.

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Price Of Silver Per Pound

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