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Price Of Silver Per Ounce

Silver – a wise investment

It is now a well known fact in financial and investment circles that there is an increasing demand for the precious metal silver. This is because of the fact that the supply of silver is scarce due to its being used in a variety of ways in various industrial requirements. Additionally, there is a growing demand for using silver in electronic components, whether it is in the computer chips or as mobile phone components. Silver is also in demand as a bactericide and is thus used in medicines and disinfectants. It is, moreover, used in the purification of water as well. All this makes it more attractive for investors and it is rapidly gaining ground over the other precious metals. Silver is comparatively cheap at least when one considers the price of gold, and hence many average investors would prefer to invest in silver.

Best time for Investing

Considering the price of silver per ounce today, it would be the best time to make an investment. It could be an ideal investment for a novice or even a hardcore professional investor. The price of silver per ounce is predicted to make a spectacular rise before the end of this year. Bloomberg has made a survey where many analysts as well as hardcore traders expect this to happen in the near future.

Cause of the rise in the Price of Silver per ounce

The cause for this could be because there is a great demand for silver by investors as well as a strong fabrication demand. In 2008, when it was suggested in a Bloomberg interview, that one should purchase silver, it had the immediate effect of a 68% increase in the investments. The price of silver per ounce definitely makes it a safer and cheaper investment option Silver especially when compared to gold.

Expected Silver Streak

Silver thus provides its investors with a safety net and hence many are attracted to this precious metal. The price of silver per ounce reflects that it has been taking over the competition remarkable well, except perhaps gold. Silver has been the only metal that has had the best quarterly gains if one goes by the records of the past thirty years. The last time that such a phenomenon occurred was in the 1980s when the price of silver per ounce was riding a big wave for almost eleven weeks at a stretch.

Recently, it was claimed by the Federal Reserve that the current situation may not augur well for the growth of silver. Notwithstanding this, investors are still trading in the silver bullion. In fact, silver exchange-traded products have shown a record high.

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Price Of Silver Per Ounce

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