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Price Of Silver Per Gram

One troy ounce of silver is 31.10348 grams. So the approximate price of silver per gram can be calculated as follows.

(price of silver per gram) = (price of silver per troy ounce) / 31.10348

Eg: If silver is $20 USD per ounce

(price of silver per gram) = $20 USD / 31.10348

(price of silver per gram) = $0.643 USD

Use the chart on the top right to perform the calculation yourself.

Why people buy Silver?

Investors buy silver in the form of silver coins, bullion coins or silver bars for many purposes. This could be to hedge your funds due to inflation, a plain investment or even for survival purposes.  Whatever be the purpose, it is imperative that the investor must definitely look at the price of silver per gram before purchasing and consider the supply and demand situation.

A hedge against inflation

There are some investors who want to protect themselves from inflation and so buy either gold or silver.  It so happened during the 70s that due to inflation the price of silver per gram skyrocketed.  Hence investors started to invest in the form of silver bullion.  This could be in the form of 1 oz silver rounds, pre 65 US 90% silver coins or 100 oz silver bars.  Later, when the inflation was brought under control by the Federal Reserve, most of these investors sold their stock of silver and put the profit gained into paper investments.

Silver for Survival purposes

There are also investors who buy these precious metals such as gold and silver as they are pessimistic about the future and expect some disaster in the dollar market.  They may fear that the Federal Reserve may resort to over-printing of dollars making the currency not worth the paper it is printed on.  This is actually true for many paper currencies throughout the world, as history has proved time and again.  After ascertaining the price of silver per gram, these investors buy coins or bars of silver for survival purposes in order that in a worst-case scenario they may be able to barter the silver for commodities and services.

Buying silver coins for barter

This kind of silver bought for barter purposes or survival purposes are usually in the form of pre 65 90% silver coins or 1 oz silver rounds.  But the investor must definitely make his purchase after verifying the price of silver per gram and not go and buy the various numismatic and collector coins or foreign coins.  Such coins are definitely not suited for survival purposes.  There are many websites that promote these kinds of coins but in case of a catastrophe related to the dollar, such coins would be worth only their metal content and the numismatic or collector premiums would no longer exist.  The mint mark or the time it was minted would be irrelevant in such a scenario and the person who tries to use these silver coins in exchange for either goods or services can only trade the actual silver content of the coin.

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Price Of Silver Per Gram

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