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Price Of Silver Coins

How to Purchase Silver Coins

Investing in precious metals is a viable option for many.  For those who want to invest in silver, the market offers a variety of silver bullion products.  Before investing in any form of silver, however, one must ascertain the price of silver coins or bars.  Silver bars can be bought in sizes of 1 oz rectangles, 1 0 rounds as well.  You also have the 100 oz silver bars and the 10 oz silver bars.  There are also the survival forms which consist of the junk 90% coins and the 1 oz rounds.

Choice of Silver coins

There are basically three choices of the 90% silver half dollars which are the 1964 dated Kennedy half dollars, Walking Liberty half dollars and the Ben Franklin half dollars.  The Walking Liberty half dollar carries the bigger premium when compared to the other two.  One can purchase bags of silver coins.   The first choice would be the 90% silver coins, provided the investor is able to accommodate the bulk and weight of the bags of silver.  These silver coins make a good choice for investment as the 90% coins are able to get good premiums in markets especially where there is heavy investment in silver.  At times, the premiums can go really high.  The flip side is that buying these bags of 90% silver is really cumbersome but since it has the potential to get high premiums in the future, investment is recommended.

Price of Silver coins

The price of Silver coins and the premium on the bags of silver will differ as this depends on whether people are investing in the precious metal or whether they are sellers.  Sometimes a bag of silver coins can carry a higher premium than silver bars of 100 oz and at other times it might be lower.  The price of silver coins can also be the same as the silver bars.

Junk Silver coins

90% silver coins minted before 1965 are also known as junk silver coins and one bag of $1000 face will contain about 715 ounces of refined silver.  The price of silver coins, especially for junk silver, sometimes lags behind sharp spot price changes.  Many prefer to invest in this kind of bullion investments.  You can also buy junk US silver coins for the sake of survival.  Some investors may fear that the dollar may be printed to the extent that it would become worthless.  In this kind of situation buying junk US silver coins serves a survival purpose.  The price of silver coins with respect to the junk silver coins can be below premiums on the 100 oz silver bars as also the 1 oz silver rounds.  Hence junk silver coins have got a high price potential especially the pre-65 US silver coins.

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Price Of Silver Coins

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