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Market Price Of Silver

Investing in Silver Bullion

Many experts are very excited about the potential of the silver market and are encouraging investors to put their money in silver.  Gold and other precious metals are not as rapidly consumed as silver.  Silver has a variety of uses in industry and in medicine as well as for jewelry. The ground supply is slowly depleting.  Due to the ever-growing variety of applications where silver is being used nowadays, including electronic manufacturing and production of energy, the supply is slowly beginning to dwindle.  The possibilities of making a fortune by investing in silver seem to be great.  This has been one of the causes of driving the market price of silver up in recent years.

As the American dollar continues to lose value, many investors are hedging their funds by investing in precious metals which will give them real value for money.  The current market price of silver supports the theory of experts that silver is all set to rise to record levels that it once reached in the 1970s.  Investing in Silver Bullion is a great form of silver investment.

Royal Canadian Mint silver bars

The cheapest silver or the one with the smallest markup over the market price of silver is the Royal Canadian Mint’s silver bars whose average weight is about 850 oz.  These RCM (Royal Canadian Mint) silver bars may also weight less than 800 ounces and sometimes more than 900 ounces.  Here, the premiums are much lesser over the market price of silver than 100 oz silver bars.  The 100 oz silver bars weigh around 6 pounds and so are very suitable for storage and one can even keep them in safes.  The RCM silver bars can also be shipped economically in contrast to the 1000 oz silver bars which weight around 70 pounds, and boxes with such weights are quite problematic.  The RCM Canadian silver bars in addition to having a low premium over the market price of silver also bear the hallmark stamp of the Royal Canadian Mint.  Their other unique feature is that they are .9995+ in their purity.

Canadian silver coins – Silver Maple

RCM also has 1 oz Silver Maple Leaf coins which are pure silver coins with a purity of 99, 99% and each of the coins has one ounce of silver.  It is the best selling 1 oz pure silver coins in the world.  They are also very neatly packed in tubes that contain twenty five coins with twenty tubes to a mint box.  The box size is also ideal for shipping and is quite economical.  The shape and dimensions make it very easy and economical for shipping purposes.

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Market Price Of Silver

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