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Likely Greek Default Sends Signals of Possible Increases in the Price of Silver

While many stock market investors around the word are jittery that if the news making the rounds about the possible Greek default on their national debt comes true, damage will be caused to the stock markets across the globe yet many analysts believes the scenario could trigger more demands for silver and gold and hence higher price levels for the white precious metal called silver. The white metal is considered to be the only safe haven opened to discerning investors though volatile yet it holds the ace for preserving your assets.

Though silver remained the toast of many investors for some time now, yet many have the opinion that the white metal is presently at the peak of its good showings and must now begin to head back down in price losses which  some do not really believe is the case. Though price movement cannot be perfectly predicted yet there are strong indications that silver may hit the $50 mark sooner than many had expected.

Evidences from commodities’ market shows that many investors sold some of their holdings in silver and gold to cover for losses sustained in the stock market yet precious metals remain the best safe havens from the turbulence of possible erosion of capital or assets due to inflation. If Greece defaults on their debt, the United States will be heavily hit as much of American retirement money have been tied up in Europe.


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Likely Greek Default Sends Signals of Possible Increases in the Price of Silver

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