Junk Silver

Your Guide to Making a Profit

It has been said that one mans trash is another mans treasure, and in the case of junk silver and scrap silver, this statement couldn’t be more true. Old coins minted during a specific period of time and then circulated are commonly referred to as junk silver; these are often tarnished and look as though they have no value. Some people have lots of these stashed away and have no idea as to how much they are really worth! Making a profit with junk silver is something that takes a little time and patience, not to mention a modicum of skill. With this guide, our intention is to aid you in identifying, locating, and purchasing junk silver, then turning it into real money you can use to invest in personal financial goals. Let’s get started.

Table Of Contents

What is Junk Silver?

Understanding Junk Silver: What to Look For

Why Invest in Junk Silver?

When to Invest in Junk Silver

How and Where to Buy Junk Silver

BONUS: Scrap Silver

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Junk Silver

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