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Is Silver Ready to Breakout in Price Increases?


The common question on the lips of many well informed silver analysts as at today, August 31st, is whether the signs that support a bullish silver market and hence an upward increase in the price of the shinning metal are in the horizon.

Considering the evident technical and fundamental facts available to all showing that $50 per ounce price level is inevitable for silver, Rob Samson, a silver analyst with The Economy news observed today that the near driving fundamentals similar to that of gold are evident for silver. Mark O’Byrne, an analyst with Gold and Silver Matters suggested a breakout for silver with its price reaching $50 per ounce come early autumn though he warned of a possible volatility and correction once the metal attains that price level.

Jim Rogers, A Singapore based American investor and financial expatriate and commentator, who also is a college professor, has lent his voice to the bullish trend of precious metals particularly silver. An afternoon note released by Daily Fx also supports upward run in the price of silver as it observes that the signs appear broadly in line with those that favors gold particularly when the stimulus plan of Ben Bernanke’s Federal Reserve continues to spin within the financial markets.

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Is Silver Ready to Breakout in Price Increases?

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