How To Buy Silver Bullion And Coins

For smaller to medium amounts, we recommend starting out with 1 ounce silver coins or rounds purchased near the troy ounce price of silver. At a standard coin dealer, we have found the mark up to be 2 to 5 dollars depending on the piece. We recommended investing in recognizable common coins or rounds. Rounds are generally cheaper. When you begin collecting you will be sure to want high quality identifiable coins and rounds in a wide variety of styles.

Bullion is also available and you can get bars of various sizes. If you are buying large amounts by all means bars are potentially easier to deal with and account for. We recommend your bars are marked and standardized for trade. This will make your bars liquid so be sure they will be acceptable at bullion exchanges. Most bars purchased at a silver exchange are great but some bars purchased on auction or from recovered or unknown silver sources may need to be evaluated before sold.

Junk silver is also available if you are interested in small quantities for emergency situations. Junk silver coins are government issued silver coins sold at near the spot price of silver. Did you know that our coins used to be silver? Yes, it’s true. They were actually an alloy which contained a high percentage (~70%) silver metal to make it more durable. The government has ceased using silver due to it’s value and now uses steel. Junk silver gives us high trust standardized silver coin for exchange quantities which trades at the price of silver.

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The Difference Between Coins And Rounds

The difference between silver coins and silver rounds is that silver rounds are not legal tender. Think about all the coins you’ve seen? Government Issued and valued right? Most often the value on the coin is not the value of the contained silver. When silver is pressed by private groups not to be used as legal tender, they are called silver rounds. This is why they may have many interesting designs and are fun to collect. FYI: Attempts to declare the value of silver as the legal tender value instead of the silver value have resulted in law suits.

If you are purchasing in small amounts, be sure to check out our recommend provider, they have FREE shipping right now (great deal!) and can deal in large quantities. You can deal locally but some of the downsides may include lack of price, coin selection, line ups, privacy, payment options, etc. In many cases ordering silver coins online can be an excellent option.

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How To Store Your Silver

For storage, we recommend a fire proof safe or case. The ensures your metal will survive in their case pending fire. You should have a fire proof case for your important documents. A case can storage a large amount of metal and can be purchased for a lower price. You can browse a good selection of fire proof cases, click here.

Very Large Amounts – Alternatives To Storage

For large amounts, ETFs, shares in mining companies and instruments like digital silver may be of interest due to storage concerns. Explore your local area for a local bullion provider and you may purchase coins and bars directly in very large quantities with secure delivery. Make sure you have a vault, a secure area and insurance if you are going this route.

View our page on Silver ETFs.

How To Sell Silver

In a crisis, silver may be used as a barter instrument. In standard cases, silver is sold at a bullion exchange. This is a business which will exchange currency for silver. Many large cities have bullion exchanges which can handle large quantities of standardized coins, rounds and bullion at a fair price. Be sure to find a reputable exchange. A good source to trade junk silver near the spot price of silver is ebay with the downside being listing and success fees. You may also find a local coin dealer who will give you a good price on junk silver.

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How To Buy Silver Bullion And Coins

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