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Hope in the Horizon for Silver Traders as Silver Leads ETFs in July

Though silver traders may have lost money in their silver investments at any point in time yet there is hope in the horizon for them as silver has been known to have a long history of being an extremely volatile financial asset. At the last check May 5, the performance of silver on the shares index of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) shows a decline of 22% within just five days in the first week of May. Remember that silver lost 34% and got plunged from its all-time high in late April but it has since regained almost half of this lost position with 14.8% gain in July as reported by Trang HO of the Investor’s Business Daily.

Gary Cassady, a Benzinga staff writer observed in a well analysed article that there was no need for worry among silver traders as the metal has the capacity to rebound from its lost position. At the price level of about $37 May 5, silver was at its lowest price range which has not been seen in over a month. As quickly as this metal rallied in price gain early in the year, it has also quickly declined even in a manner that is rather sharply but this price rally or gain in price in July is truly an indication that silver traders need not worry at all.

Since the commencement of this year, silver has gained in price by about 38 per cent even more than gold in terms of performance (gold has only managed to rally a price gain of about 11 per cent since the beginning of the year even at its peak price). The sharp decline in silver’s price in May seems to agree with the April 27th warning of Jim Rogers, an astute commodity investor about the price of silver which he said was going ‘’parabolic’’ though some silver investors felt then that the high run of silver in price gain was justifying its return to the historical silver to gold ratio of 16:1.

Noted to have gained in price sharply in April after the speech of the Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke and Standard and Poor’s decision to downgrade US credit ratings on debt concern, silver has been rising on the concern of inflation and the depreciation of the US dollar. Many have ascribed this incessant decline in the price of silver to the margin hikes by the CME Group which has hiked margin requirement four times in late April and early May alone.

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Hope in the Horizon for Silver Traders as Silver Leads ETFs in July

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