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Gold vs Silver

Lets take a quick look at which traditional metal you should invest in. Gold has been the standard for centuries, but because it is so heavily monitored it prevents a small downside. Whereas silver does not have as many movers and shakers, you can catch the upswings in the market a little later and still benefit. Secondly, silver has actually proven to be a more valuable resource than gold. While gold is valuable in jewelry there are much fewer applications other than aesthetic purposes. Silver on the other hand has many usable applications, one of which being used in electrical equipment, such as computers and cell phones. With the rising demand for those items, silver will prove to be a valuable resource. Lastly, there is a great difference in the price of silver and gold. The cheapest gold piece you can buy is 1/10 oz which is currently work about $180 and half the size of a penny. Silver Price is only around $17, which makes it an easy barrier of entry for an average investor/saver. Thus there is a larger available market for silver and we all know that something isn’t worth anything until there is a buyer willing to pay. The larger market makes silver more appealing because it is more liquid commodity.

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Gold vs Silver

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