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Any kind of investment in precious metals is really worth it, especially these days when the value of these precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum and palladium is steadily increasing.  The current price of silver is making it a viable option for investment.  Silver is a very valuable resource and makes for a good investment, but unfortunately, an ounce of silver is not worth as much as an ounce of rich cousin, that is gold. In spite of the above drawback, you can still invest in silver coins.

It is better to invest in coins as these hold the value better and also while reselling, your task is made all the more easier.  One has also to consider the bulkiness and the storage concerns regarding silver.  There are many silver coins that are sold at 40% and 90% purity and this makes it all the more difficult to store, as you need plenty of coins to make your silver investment really worth the while.  It would be a wiser idea to go in for the 99% silver bars in this case.

Making a choice

Considering the current price of silver and that of gold, it would be a better idea to invest in the former.  For the past many centuries, gold has always ruled the roost as far as investment choice was concerned.  But there is heavy monitoring in the gold market.  On the other hand, since silver is not heavily patronized, you could take advantage of the upward trends in the silver market a little late in the day and still stand to benefit.

Advantages of Silver Investment

Though gold is a universal favorite, silver is actually a more valuable resource and with the current price of silver, it makes sense to invest in it.  Gold does not have as many applications as silver, as it can be used only in jewelry and some other aesthetic purposes.  But silver has various other industrial applications, as it can be used in electrical equipment.  For instance, it is made use of in cell phones and computers and with the demand for such electronic devices on the upswing, silver becomes a very valuable asset.  The price difference also makes silver a better choice for many.

The minimum amount of gold that one could buy would be about a tenth of an ounce which alone would set you back  a couple of hundred dollars behind with nothing much to show except the size of about half a penny.  An average investor could quite easily garner enough money to buy silver due to the current price of silver, which is comparatively cheaper.

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Current Price of Silver

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