BullionVault Online Investment Services

An Introduction to BullionVault

BullionVault is a London based, on line provider of buying and selling services for gold and silver investors. Founded in 2005, the company holds silver and gold for its customers in vaults in London, Zurich and New York. Though keeping possession of the silver for its customers, BullionVault does not own it: legal entitlement to the silver remains with the customer.

The commissions and custody charges of BullionVault are some of the cheapest available, starting at just 0.02% commission and rising to 0.8% depending upon the amount of silver bought or sold. Its custody charge is a minimum of $4 per month, though it is set at 0.12% per annum.

With 37,000 users of its services, and around $2 billion of gold and silver held in its vaults, it is the world’s largest online investment gold and silver service.

On top of these benefits comes an even bigger one for UK based investors. Private investors who buy silver in the UK usually pay 20% VAT. Because BullionVault is a member of the London Bullion Market Association, BullionVault users are exempt this tax.

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How to use BullionVault

Opening an account with BullionVault is an easy online process, and is free to register and open.

Once opened, the account holder can deposit funds in preparation for purchases of silver. Though this is a straightforward operation, there may be money laundering requirements needed.

Purchases and sales are made through an online, real time screen that allows click and deal facilities to the account holder. Purchased silver is already held in a segregated client account, and cannot be withdrawn (except in amounts of 1000 ounces). When an account holder wishes to sell his silver, he executes a sale order on the dealing screen, and the resulting amount is deposited in his BullionVault account within one business day.

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Advantages of Using BullionVault

Being the world’s largest online bullion market, BullionVault is able to offer possibly the lowest buying and selling rates in the market today.

Silver is investment grade, 99.9% pure, and held in allocated accounts in high security vaults. Account holders pay storage rates usually only available to large, wholesale customers.

Buying and selling silver through BullionVault is fast and efficient, and can be struck in the account holder’s own currency. Next day settlement of sales means that funds can be accessed quickly.

The service is open for business 24 hours a day and its gold and silver holdings are audited daily: ideal for the serious silver investor.

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BullionVault Online Investment Services

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