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A Group of Seasoned US Traders and Investors says Silver still a Good Investment

While many investors have now been frightened off and wary of making fresh investment in silver because of its recent price volatility, a group of seasoned US traders, investors and account executives under the umbrella of Pan American Metals of Miami, have expressed their confidence in the shinning metal and their believe that silver will rise according to a statement made public through their CEO, Bill Hionas.

Silver showed a lot of promises early in the year and many investors believed it will break new highs through not only $50 but $80 or even $100 and the hype was for everybody to buy into the shinning metal as an edge against inflation. However, when silver lived up to its character as a volatile metal, by dropping in price so massively, many investors backed off not remembering that silver had gained about 37 per cent over the last twelve months.

If you were among the lucky investors who invested in silver within the last one year, you should be glad you did because you should be having some profits to show for your investment in the shinning metal. Silver helps to preserve wealth and it has considerable industrial applications while it is also commonly used for producing jewelleries. The demand for silver will always be there whether for wealth preservation or for industrial uses.

While making an analysis of the potentials of silver to rise in price despite its current volatility, Mr Hionas, the CEO of Pan American Metals of Miami, pointed to the statistical data of silver in the last five years that shows a return on investment of 250 per cent by price appreciation which is excellent by all standards. Bill says silver is presently holding on at above $30 per ounce and will rise further because it has a positive outlook for growth.

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A Group of Seasoned US Traders and Investors says Silver still a Good Investment

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